Jonnie is a New York Times bestselling author and activist who writes widely about the future of work, youth empowerment, data governance, and sustainable digital technologies.

He is based at the University of Cambridge where he is Associate Teaching Professor of the History of AI Ethics and Society and Research Affiliate in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science. He is a co-organiser of the Sawyer Seminar, 'Histories of Artificial Intelligence: A Genealogy of Power', building an international community of colleagues to interrogate the history of intelligent systems.

In addition, he is Research Fellow at St. Edmunds College Cambridge, an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Centre, Harvard Law School, and Associate Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence.

He held prior fellowships at the MIT Media Lab, Google, and is a Fellow of the British National Academy of Writing and of the Royal Society of Arts.

As a teenager, Jonnie co-founded a grassroots youth project "The Buried Life" to ask, what do you want to do before you die? It grew to encompass a cult-hit television series.

He is a popular broadcaster and frequent speaker to a variety of audiences, including the United Nations, European Parliament, Council of Europe, Davos, and to the UK House of Lords, as well as for global non-profits and corporations. His thoughts on the direction of AI research have been featured in The Economist, IBM Think Leaders, and elsewhere.