From 2013 to 2017, Sir Ivan Rogers was the UK’s Permanent Representative to the EU. In this position, he was the UK’s most senior negotiator with other Member States and the European institutions.

Sir Ivan joined the civil service in 1986. He initially served in the Treasury and later become Director of European Strategy and Policy under then Chancellor Gordon Brown.

In 2003, Sir Ivan was appointed the Principal Private Secretary to Prime Minister Tony Blair, with oversight of all domestic policy issues and responsibility for two hundred staff.

Following a spell in the private sector, Sir Ivan was chosen to be Chief EU Advisor to the Prime Minister in 2011, preparing David Cameron for all summits; this, combined with his vast experience with the EU made him the stand-out choice for UK Permanent Representative to the EU.

In this role, he worked closely with David Cameron to renegotiate the UK’s terms of membership within the EU. After the UK elected not to accept these new terms, Sir Ivan remained in Brussels until January 2017, resigning so that a new team would be in place for the invocation of Article 50.  He has since written his thought-provoking analysis 9 Lessons in Brexit with insights into the UK’s future relationships with the EU and other trading partners.