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Naila Kabeer"Has Growth Been Good for Women in South Asia?"

Professor Naila Kabeer

Professor of Gender and Development
London School of Economics and Political Science

Naila Kabeer is Professor of Gender and Development at LSE’s Gender Institute and at the Department of International Development.

In 1985 she joined the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex) and became a Professorial Fellow. In 2010, she joined the School of Oriental and African Studies, London as Professor of Development Studies. In 2013, she joined the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics and Political Science as Professor of Gender and International Development . She also worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Department for International Development, UK 2009–2010.

Naila has been active in developing frameworks and methods to get gender concerns into policy and planning. She is a social economist; her research interests include gender, poverty, social exclusion, labour markets and livelihoods, social protection and citizenship in the context of globalization, with a focus on South/South East Asia.

She has experience of advisory work with NGOs (including Oxfam, ActionAid, Women for Women International) and agencies such as the UN Development Programme, UNICEF, World Bank, UN Women, SIDA, and DIFD. She is the author of numerous books and journal publications.