Champion of public health in Europe
and leading thinker on health systems

Martin McKee"Brexit: How Could It Damage Your Health?"

Professor Martin McKee CBE MD DSc

Immediate Past President of European Public Health Association



To quote BMJ Confidential:
"Martin McKee is an inescapable presence to anybody with even a fleeting interest in public health. Prodigiously productive, he focuses his research on people affected by rapid political and economic change.

His commentaries are infused with crusading zeal and a sense of social justice that brook no opposition. He grew up in Belfast, the son of GPs, and migrated in 1986 to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), where he is professor of European public health. "If there’s an advisory or editorial board that he’s not a member of, somebody’s slipped up."

As Professor of European Public Health he was founding director of the European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition, a WHO Collaborating Centre that comprises the largest team of researchers working on health and health policy in central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and which he led for over a decade.

Martin is also research director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, a unique partnership of universities, national and regional governments, and international agencies and is Immediate Past President of the European Public Health Association.