Secret histories from Britain's ultimate intelligence expert

Christopher Andrew"MI5: Past and Present"

Professor Christopher Andrew

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
University of Cambridge


Chris Andrew is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, former Chairman of the History Faculty at Cambridge University, Official Historian of the Security Service (MI5), Chairman of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, and former Visiting Professor at Harvard, Toronto and Canberra

His twelve previous books include a number of studies on the use and abuse of secret intelligence in modern history.

Andrew produced two studies with two defectors and former KGB officers, Oleg Gordievsky and Vasili Mitrokhin on the history of KGB actions against Western governments. The Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, chaired by Andrew convenes regularly at Cambridge. Active and former senior members of intelligence services around the world participate in the discussions under the Chatham House Rule.

In February 2003, Andrew accepted the post of official historian for the Security Service MI5, being mandated to write an official history of the service due for their centennial in 2009.

He is also co-editor of Intelligence and National Security, and a presenter of BBC Radio and TV documentaries.