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Aims and Rules of Keele World Affairs

Keele World Affairs was founded by Owen Powell who left school at 14 but never lost his curiosity and desire to learn. The lifelong learning class he developed is a two-hour meeting comprising a lecture, a short break to develop questions, leading to the Question & Answer session, when the speaker is asked to justify or explain their thinking.

The Meeting is run so that every member, whatever their background, may develop a deeper understanding of complex problems in international politics, economics, and world issues such as poverty reduction, conflict, the impact of science on society, climate change and other phenomena, and globalisation. It is not ‘academic’, but seeks to give us all, as citizens, greater insight into how the world is governed and the policies that are introduced in our name.

To achieve these aims it is important that members attend the whole of the two-hour Meeting with the speaker, and seek to contribute to the Q&A session. This makes each Meeting a memorable experience for our nationally known speakers.

Member subscriptions cover the cost of the series. Therefore only subscribing members may attend.

These are the essential rules of Keele World Affairs Membership:

Members should bring their membership cards to every Meeting as checks are increasingly required for security reasons.

It is important that members commit to attending on a regular basis.
(Our national reputation rests on a promise to every speaker that they will have an audience of more the 300 throughout the Meeting and ideally we fill the 400-seat theatre every week)

Members attend for the duration of the Meeting, usually from 7:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

Members must not bring non-members; attendance is strictly limited to members only; membership is not transferable.

Members ensure that any mobile device is switched off, do not record or take photographs (copyright offences), and do not make use of laptops during the lecture or Q & A session.
(Despite modern trends, KWA has zero tolerance of these matters.)

Members contribute to Q & A Sessions raising questions as much as they can.
(Either with the microphone or in a written submission; the discussion break is used to formulate and agree appropriate questions. The chairman’s aim is always to enlarge the range of members who contribute at Q & A.)

Members keep their on-line membership record up to date.

Members permit Keele World Affairs and Keele University to video and take photographs at meetings.


Members support the success of Keele World Affairs and will benefit more if they also stay ‘connected’ by reading email communications sent to members and by completing the regular feedback surveys.